Before you enroll in a course, make sure that you follow these steps and complete the documents to ensure a seamless start to your program. You will be able to find these documents in the description of your course. This would help us to understand you, our students, better and make sure that we are able to see your needs. The Core Foundation is committed to the training and development of our students and clientele, both in your business and in life. It is our goal to empower people to live a life of Integrity, Service and Purpose.

Please fill out your basic details to enroll in the course. We want to make sure that we are able to give individual attention to each of our students while also making sure that you know what your tuition covers. It also includes your required course hours to successfully complete the program along with your internship hours. 


Agreement document covers our Mission statement, Administrators, faculty and staff, enrollment requirements and prerequisites, course description, Student code of conduct, Payment plans  and refund policy, Placement assistance and other policies and procedures that require student attention. We request our students to go through this document and sign a contract acceptance before enrolling in our programs.


Your school scrubs/blazers (depending on your program) are included in your tuition and are to be worn during all clinic instructions as well as your internship. Please select a size for your scrubs/blazer before enrolling as it takes about 2 weeks to be ready. Scrubs/blazers will be black embroidered with the school logo.


That's it! 

Once you have completed these steps, go ahead and click that Enroll button. Follow the steps to payment and Begin your journey into the Dental World. 

We are here to help you every step of the way!