What We Provide

At The Core Foundation, our dental programs will provide you with the academic and hands-on clinical skills you need to succeed and keep you up to date with the most modern equipment and techniques used in the dental industry. Our curriculum is designed to prepare students to be exceptional dental assistants in addition to preparing them for the interview process. Placing yourself in a learning environment where you are more likely to succeed will help motivate and encourage you to continue and finish your studies. You might already know where you want to head with your career and want to get the experience soon, trade school is a great asset to have. You’ll be able to finish sooner and enter the workforce immediately upon graduation.

In addition to our training programs, we are also a specialty dental and surgical facility, with three separate companies in two locations. As a result, we are able to better provide our students with the critical skills and expanded clinical experience that is often lacking in more expensive educations. The Core Foundation was developed to better prepare our graduates for achieving success in the dental field more quickly and with greater integrity upon program completion, thus raising the bar and truly setting the industry standard for exceptional dental assistants, front-office administrators and powerful human beings.

Importantly, our teachers and staff here at The Core Foundation offer more than just the certifications necessary to begin your new career. We are committed to creating a new realm of possibility for you in your daily life. We believe that learning how to live an empowered life, in addition to a comprehensive skill-based education, will create successful, positive, and valuable members of society. Our curriculum includes a three-day seminar that will assist you in: taking personal ownership and pride in your work; adding value to yourself and those around you; establishing personal relationships with patients; building confidence and creating positive outcomes in your life: look beyond the impossible and discover for yourself that anything is possible!

Courses We Offer

Currently we offer Dental Assisting and Dental Administration programs online and onsite, and hands on CPR/X- Ray certification. Our accelerated programs will give you the confidence and skills needed to excel in your new career as a Dental Assistant or a Dental Administrator! Our online courses are fully flexible -  You can enroll ANYTIME, and even stop for a week or two while you are on vacation and just pick it up again when you get back.

Internship and Other Certifications

We require the students to put in 120 hours of internship (while it is 80 hours for onsite class)  so that they get more hands on clinical time. With our Dental Assisting and Dental Administration Courses, you are awarded with a certificate of completion, your X-Ray Certification and your CPR Certification. Please note that you need to attend the CPR and the X-Ray courses in person to complete the respective certification. We offer the X-Ray courses on Saturdays and the CPR on a Thursdays. We also offer  externship to our online students!

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Dental Assisting

Dental Assisting

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Dental Administration

Dental Administration

How to Enroll

Read our to know more about what you should do before you register for a course. Once you complete the steps mentioned, click on Enroll button under each course headline. Follow the steps to payment and Begin your journey into the Dental World. It's that easy!

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